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The 6.5-ounce streetwear tee with designer Virgil printed on the front is a unique and exclusive piece that's perfect for fashion-forward individuals. The oversized print of Virgil on the front of the tee is bold and eye-catching, showcasing the designer's distinctive style and influence.

But what sets this tee apart from others is the 3M reflective print on the back, which adds a modern twist to this classic piece. The reflective print catches the light in a unique way, creating an impressive and stylish effect that's sure to turn heads."

Bullet points:

  • 6.5-ounce streetwear tee featuring designer Virgil print
  • Model is 6'0 and wearing a size L
  • Oversized front print showcases designer's style and influence
  • 3M reflective print on the back adds a modern twist
  • Reflective print catches light for an impressive effect


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